Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy

  • Student Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources

    Sunnyside Elementary School

    Student Responsibilities

    1. I will be polite and use appropriate language while using the network computers.
    2. I will respect district, school, and class rules.
    3. I will use the computer network in a way that does not violate any laws, rules, or copyright.
    4. I will use Internet sites that are connected to what I am studying in class or that a teacher has approved
    for my use.
    5. I will accurately represent myself. That means I will use only my own name, not someone else’s. I will never use my name, my home address, my e-mail
    address, or my telephone number on the Internet.
    6. I will respect the privacy of others. I will not look in other students’ files and folders or use other students’ passwords.
    7. I will respect computer equipment by following the teacher’s instructions regarding proper use of hardware and software.
    As a student of Sunnyside Elementary School, I understand that the use of technology is a privilege and I understand that if I do not follow the rules for the Acceptable Use of Technology Resources, my computer privileges may be taken away.

    The full District Acceptable Use Policy can be found at

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